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Wills, Powers of Attorney and Probate

As part of Meridian’s estate planning service or as a standalone exercise, we can prepare wills to ensure that an individual’s assets are dealt with in accordance with their wishes whilst ensuring everything is dealt with as tax efficiently as possible.

We can also prepare powers of attorney.  These are becoming increasingly important with both financial institutions and health care providers alert to capacity issues and how that affects their relationship with individual customers.

When someone has died, there are many issues which require immediate attention, often at a time when family and close friends are least able to deal with them. We have considerable experience of the administration of estates and can shoulder the burden of dealing with the estate, either by advising family executors or acting as executors ourselves if appointed under the terms of a will.

Our estate administration team is made up of qualified solicitors (with 1 to 29 years’ experience) and a chartered legal executive (with over 27 years’ experience).  The team also benefits from the experience of Jon Croxford, a partner and chartered tax adviser. Our estate administration team may also be assisted by paralegals (with relevant experience or training), where appropriate.  The team is supervised by Drummond Kerr and Jon Croxford. Drummond is a partner and qualified solicitor with over 29 years’ experience of dealing with the administration of estates.

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